Another Life Hack from Alyson: Ways to use lemon juice around the house

Sweet, sugary Brach's lemon drops. Made with r...

Sweet, sugary Brach’s lemon drops. Made with real lemon juice! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, I originally drafted this for a client but they didn’t use it so maybe some of these tips can help you. I personally think lemon juice is amazing.

Get rid of nasty, baked on grime in your microwave with water and lemon juice. Put a cup of water with a half a cup of lemon juice in a bowl. Microwave this on high for 30 seconds. Remove the bowl (be careful, it will be hot) and wipe down the inside of your microwave with a clean and damp cloth. Your microwave oven will sparkle and smell great.

Keep a lemon with salt in your refrigerator. Cut a lemon in half and remove the flesh. Fill the empty space with salt. Place in the back of your refrigerator to keep it smelling nice and fresh.

Mix lemon juice, water and white vinegar to make a great surface cleaner. Mix one part water with one part vinegar and then as much lemon juice as you want. This is a safe and chemical free cleaner that you can use to cut through dirt and grime all over your home. The combination of white vinegar and lemon juice can be a powerful cleaner for dishes. The grease won’t stand a chance with this mixture.

Polish wood with olive oil and lemon juice. Mix the juice from one lemon and about a quarter cup of olive oil. This can be used on your wooden floors and furniture to get the shine and clean look you want without using harsh chemicals.

Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!

What I am eating (or was) this year

Brussels Sprout Salad

Brussels Sprout Salad (Photo credit: rdpeyton). Note: My dish looks nothing like this.

As families across the globe sit down for meals that they have labored over, I am going to share what I have been eating.  You may want to write this down or print it to share with your loved ones, future generations even.  It’s just that good.

One of my favorite things to do is laugh at myself, not at the comedy I write but the dumb ass things I do.  With that idea in mind, I would like to share what was for a period of time, my absolute favorite thing to cook and eat.  This was not when I was five, this was earlier this year.

I call this “crap I have in the apartment,” here’s how you make it:



Take the Morningstar Farms meal starters and put as much as you want in a saucepan with some water.  Boil for a few minutes.  Reduce heat and add (to taste), corn, hot sauce, pasta sauce, salsa and brussel sprouts.  Heat until hot (d’uh).  Serve with the salad dressing.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  Or do.  Now that I have bought some other food, I have stopped eating it.  I have to tell you, my other option was dry cat food mixed with wasabi and that sure sounds worse, right?