“Alyson was very effective at helping plan some of our major events and press conferences to highlight the work of the UN, she set up week long programs for visiting, international journalists, assisted with visits from senior UN officials such as the Secretary-General and used technology to improve the way we communicate our message. The role of the UN is often misunderstood. One function of the UN Washington office us to help educate the US public and raise awareness of the UN’s mission and mandate. To that end, Alyson’s contributions to the office and the UN were substantial.” Catherine O’Neill, Director, UN Information Centre

“Creativity, enthusiasm and passion are the foundations of Alyson Chadwick’s talent. She tackles every challenge, wrestles it to the ground and then delivers a solution that is smart, concise and accessible. Stop thinking about it and put her to work for you,” Kevin Lampe, Executive Vice President Kurth Lampe

“Alyson produces high-quality work with a very quick turn-around time.  I really enjoyed working with her and hope to continue to do so,” Daniel Hirsh, Filmmaker.

“Alyson is a political satirist and humorist who performs occasionally at my show. She is a crowd favorite. Her humor is passionate and insightful,” Tom Miller, Performance Artist and host of “The Tom Miller Show.”

“Alyson is able to take very complicated and technical subject matter and make it accessible to a wide audience. Her turn around time is fast and the product she produces is great,” C. Allen Grubbs, Director of Communications and Media, PetroChemCentral

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