Hello! Who is Alyson Chadwick?

Alyson ChadwickI am a writer, editor, consultant, and comedian. I have more than a decade doing digital strategy  I have decades of experience working with traditional media. My clients have included Harvard University, federal agencies, non-profits, non-governmental organizations, politicians, and small businesses. 

I have worked on issues such as healthcare, international affairs, human rights, women’s rights, criminal justice reform, and the environment. For the SEO (search engine optimization) companies, HubShout and Text Link Brokers, I have written about legal issues, home improvement, advertising, marketing, public relations, web development, social media promotion, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, DIY projects, pet food and beverages, and general interest. You can see my resume here and testimonials from past clients here.

  • Writing:  If you need something written, you’ve come to the right place.  I write promotional materials such as press releases, marketing documents, speeches, newsletters and op-eds, web content/social media posts, business plans, landing pages, websites, scripts (for calls, YouTube, TikTok, and other digital platforms), and just about anything else you may need.  
  • Editorial: You’ve drafted something and you want to make it stand out.  Whether you need some basic copy editing or more, I love editing.  
  • Public Relations:  Do you want to get more attention for your cause, company, or idea?  I can either draft and implement a strategy that combines social and traditional media or work with you to train you how to do that.  I will show you how to reach the press and put your best foot forward when you do.  I can help organize events to showcase your work or product, draft promotional materials and get you in touch with the people who cover your industry. The bottom line is that I can help you, your business or non-profit get press coverage that works for you.  “Earned” or “free” media goes a lot farther than paid advertising.  Let me help you spread the word about all the good work you do.
  • Speechwriting: Whether you are addressing your company picnic or the United Nations, I can write a speech that gets your point across in your voice.
  • Need help with internal communications? I’ve got you covered. From writing newsletters to drafting reports, and internal memos, I can help you communicate with your staff. Whether you are going through a rebrand or just keeping everyone on the same page, I can help.
  • Get stage fright?  No worries.  I will help prepare you for press interviews, small events, and speeches to crowds.
  • Social Media promotion: Looking to expand your reach and engage supporters, fans, prospective clients, and grow your audience? I can help with that. Not every social media platform is equal and using the right ones for your goals makes a difference. I will work with you to develop and implement a strategy tailored to your message and needs.

Projects and Clients

NO Business with Genocide

I started working with NBWG in February 2021

No Business With Genocide (NBWG) is a coalition-led campaign to end genocide worldwide. It is built around the simple idea that corporations should refrain or withdraw from doing business with regimes that engage in genocide and/or crimes against humanity. NBWG puts pressure on corporations in key sectors – principally oil, gas, timber, mining, and banking – to stop supporting regimes complicit in genocide and crimes against humanity.

Working with partners, we made progress in 2022 to end genocide:

  • We are building a worldwide network of people fighting genocide. Our email list has grown massively to more than 640,000 people worldwide.
  • We work to raise awareness of genocide. We are actively working with state legislatures and city councils to pass new anti-genocide resolutions and laws. Last year, Gainesville, Florida passed such a resolution and we expect to have similar resolutions in Michigan, Maryland, and New York.
  • We work to restore democracy in Myanmar. Our supporters have signed almost 1.7 million petitions and written 9,163 letters to Congress. As a result, the Burma Act became law in late December.
  • We push for the passage of legislation to help the Uyghur. Our supporters wrote more than 10,642 letters to Congress supporting the Uyghur Human Rights Protection Act. They have also signed 7874 petitions for the cause.
  • We fight for Paul Rusesabagina (played by Don Cheadle in Hotel Rwanda) to be released from prison. The State Department has deemed his detention unlawful. Our supporters have sent in 19,668 petitions and written 5,140 letters to Congress.
  • We help our supporters put their direct consumer, shareholder, and social media pressure on companies. With our social media actions and petitions, you have raised your voice demanding that Zara, Urban Outfitters, and Anta end their use of Uyghur forced labor.
  • We help them make their voices heard. We’ve helped organize dozens of meetings in person and on Zoom with your Members of Congress and their staff.

Building My Own Brand

I am a writer, activist, digital strategist, and comedian. I use social media almost exclusively to promote my writing and other work. My top two social media sites to do this are Facebook (5.6 thousand followers) and TikTok (I just started my own account but I have 222 followers there). My videos currently get between about 400-800 views. I was able to grow my Twitter following from less than 50 followers to 500 in a month. I also have more than 1,700 contacts on LinkedIn. Three hundred and twelve people follow my Medium page.

OneWorld Health

Victoria Hale started the Institute for One World Health (iOWH) in 2000. It was the first non-profit pharmaceutical company in the United States. When I worked with them I led an overhaul of their website and used social and traditional media to raise awareness of the work they do on Malaria, diarrheal diseases, and visceral leishmaniasis. The thing I am most proud of is the project to educate people about both the impact diarrheal disease has on young children (when I was with them it killed more children under five than TB, HIV, and Malaria combined) and how too much of the population doesn’t have access to clean water. We did a lot on Twitter in terms of our campaign on water and this included trivia contests and in-person events.

The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC)

My work there centered around promoting the work of the organization with American media outlets. I set up press conferences and media tours for UN officials; wrote a weekly newsletter that went to U.S. government officials, members of the media, NGOs, and other like-minded groups and individuals; and used the limited technology tools we had back then to improve how Americans view the UN. Catherine O’Neill, who was the Director of the office said of me, “(Alyson) used technology to improve the way we communicate our message.

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