How will you celebrate National Bacon Day?

people love bacon

Bacon; it’s not just for breakfast

Do you love bacon? If you do, you are not alone. I went through a period of time when I thought I wanted to convert to Judaism but it is hard (and I am lazy) but a friend I had gone through the process and said they are harder on converts so bacon would be out of the question if I went that way. So that idea was a nonstarter. The fact that I was pretty much an atheist also didn’t bode well for a conversion to any religion.

I often question why people follow one religion or another but I most often question Christians. It seems the people who identify the most as followers of Christ are also the ones most likely to condemn other religions. I self-identify as Buddhist but that is more of a philosophy than a religion and is not without its own crazies and zealots. I mean, look at how the Rohingya have been treated by the Buddhist majority in Burma. Not well.

But back to bacon. I used to love it but it is so messy. And I feel bad for the pigs so I eat Morningstar Farms vegetarian bacon. Tastes good to me.

Will you help me fight #Genocide in 2022?

We made a lot of progress in 2021. The Burma Act was introduced. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act became law. Harry Winston stopped sourcing #GenocideGems from Myanmar and Kirin Beer stopped working with the Burmese military. Gainesville, Florida passed an anti-genocide resolution. We were also able to empower Burmese people all over the United States and train them how to lobby Congress. We worked hard for Paul Rusesabagina and will continue to do so until he comes home.

Donations from great people like you make all that possible. If you can, please donate. If you do it today or tomorrow, you can take your donation off your taxes for 2021. We can end genocide if we work together.

And now for a really personal post

It’s been a while.  Warning: it will be fraught with self indulgent crap.  As some of you

Cheddar and Hobbes in better times.  When Cheddars died, he was about a year and a half old.  Hobbes and I really miss him.

Cheddar and Hobbes in better times. When Cheddars died, he was about a year and a half old. Hobbes and I really miss him.

know, I was in the hospital recently.  I guess I was in  there about 11 days.  Three days before I went to ER, I had some sashimi from a place near my house.  Later that day, I thought it was food poisoning and that it would clear up on its own.  By the end of the week, I wasn’t getting any better so I went to the Sibley ER.  They put an IJ in my neck and admitted me.  Basically, any minor digestive problem has the ability to grow into something ridiculous.  I have been h0me over a week but eating is a challenge and I hate it.  So first, I feel crappy. Then I get some sympathy cards for Cheddar, who died in December.

I am going to nip this in the bud, stay in, watch Hotel Rwanda and cry my eyes out.  Maybe that will make me feel better.

I really miss you, Cheddar.  You were one of the best cats ever.

If anyone has advice about having a memorial for a cat, I have to have one.  Need suggestions, advice, whatever.