One and done

Haters (Tony Yayo song)

Dear Snooki, thank you for introducing me to the term.  I am not using it the way you do — your mean you have sex with a guy once and you are done.  When I use it, I mean, you only get to make me cry once.  One time.  One and done. (Caveat:  the Mets make me cry almost daily but they have permission to make me sad.  I know it’s coming.)

I am done allowing haters to influence my life.  Done, I tell you, done.  I am not talking about people who straight out hate me and send me tweets and emails telling me, after reading my blog, things like “I wish something heaving would fall on my head to get that drivel out of my brain.”  That’s from a real comment someone left here.  I love that.  Keep that hate coming.

The haters I am talking about are people in my life who claim they care about me.  They don’t.  They want something from me. Now, in their defense, I like helping people and try to help as many as I can, as often as I can.  I fail sometimes in that but every job or opportunity I have had has been because someone helped me so it feels right to do the same thing for others.  (No, I don’t think I am great or perfect or anything like that, I just like helping people.  There is a great part of the book Dangerous Liaisons, and movie with John Malcovich — Valmont does something nice for a group of people and then tells Glenn Close that people who do good things do them because it makes them feel good therefore they are really selfish so maybe that describes me.)

So, I am cutting the negativity out of my life.  My life has enough on its own, I don’t need you to add more.

Thanks for playing and to answer a question I was asked yesterday, yes — we are done.

Here’s a link to a great video about what I mean.  Thank you, Katt Williams.

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