Calling Willie Geist

Dear Willie Geist,

I start a lot of sentences with “I know this is going to make me sound crazy but…” I have never been as correct with that assement as right now. I was going to title this post “Way too addicted to Willie Geist” but that seemed too stalkerish and I am nothing if not sensitive to the needs of the famous.

But alas, I have a problem. I really like – and by “really like” I mean “I am addicted to” a show called “Morning Joe.” I like it so much that I started watching another show called “Way too early.” (Ps. One day they will take my response about why I am up then, they didn’t like my chocolate bacon answer but one day…).

And yet, I have digressred again. Mr. Geist (remember my caveat), my mornings are not the same when you do your “Today” show thing. You are the glue that holds the entire “Morning Joe” ship together. You add a sense of irreverence to the show that changes the entire dynamic. My instinct is to add how you change the tone of the show but that feels like overexplaining.  I would add that I look to you for my Snooki news but that probably won’t help my argument.

For the record, as a Met fan, I have no business liking you. I am probably betraying some sacred oath but I do. And so, I hope you don’t leave “Morning Joe.” Your career goals are clearly not as important as my morning routine but I have to go now – my Pappa John’s pizza just got here and I have some Kiss Me Kate beer chilling in my new fridge.

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