Another day, another chance to make a difference

This is a cat butt. You know you love it.

How will I make a difference today?

Every evening I died, and every evening I was born again, resurrected.

The Narrator, Fight Club

I think any day that starts with a quote from Fight Club has a good chance of being a good day. Since I have committed myself to write every day, I thought I should put up a blog post every day. Then I can be held accountable by more than myself. Because that works so well.

Every day we are given a new chance to make a difference for someone else. I cannot guarantee that I will but I can at least try. Today I am going to write about genocide prevention. This will include a post and an op-ed. I am working on getting localities around the nation to pass ordinances against genocide. It sometimes feels like that opposition to such a thing should be the default setting but it isn’t. When the Allies discovered the concentration camps throughout Europe after WWII, they promised, “Never Again.” That is a promise we have yet to fulfill.

Stony Brook is a lovely place to change the world

As I sit here in Stony Book, one person who took that promise seriously sits in jail in Kigali. Yes, I am talking about Paul Rusesabagina. His “trial” started this week. No one expects it will be fair. I just wish Don Cheadle would speak up. I mean he is in a very unique position here. I wish he would speak up, sign and share this petition.

Off I go to make a difference in the world…

For more uplifting reading, you might want to check out This is how genocide starts. I wrote that about Donald Trump. I thought I was being overly pessimistic. Well, the world has caught up with me and Genocide Watch put up a piece about the “big lie” (that the election was stolen) and compared it to the stages of genocide. My piece was ahead of its time.

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