This is just crazy

Their legal educations will come in handy for this one

As a layperson, I can only imagine the difficulties facing the Supreme Court right now. They will have to rule on a case that is coming before them, this week I think, to determine – and please sit down for this – on a case that questions whether or not Barack Obama’s presidency will be constitutional. Be patient, this really does get amazing.

This case stipulates that Mr. Obama was not born in the US and therefore cannot be president. Unless you are a fan of ‘Arnold’s Amendment’ (Senator Orrin Hatch, R-UT, sponsored a change to the Constitution to allow people born outside the US to become president) you may think this is a good requirement. I do. I wish we could have given Texas back to Mexico to prevent Dubya from getting into the White House but this is different.

These allegations are not new. Clearly they aren’t because it takes time for cases to make their way to the Supreme Court. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I believe in Occam’s Razor (all things being equal, the simplest explanation is probably accurate). The anti-Obama people claim that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. He took a trip there to see where his father was from and while there he broke into the hospital where he was born and stole his birth certificate. Oh, it gets better. He then had a fake one made, which is the one that has been circulated to the media and apparently is a very good copy, having fooled the US government, when they issued his passport, and everyone else. He then took the real one and hid it in under the second drawer of his grandmother’s desk. The real reason for his trip to Hawaii was to recover it, it had not been destroyed because he thought he might have needed it at some point.

Yes, that is the story. So you can only hope the Supremes are a lot smarter than me because that looks like crap to me. What do I know? I never went to law school.

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