Donald Trump has done some amazing things. Seriously.

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not care for Donald Trump. Not even a little bit. This is not because I am a Democrat and he is a Republican. I am more of a Republican than Trump and I have a Democratic donkey tattoo. If I had the chance to talk to Trump, I might say something like this, “I have known Republicans and you are no Republican.”

Having said that, Trump has done some amazing things. Here are a few:

  • I feel badly for Paul Ryan. While it is true that I have admitted to having a small crush on the speaker but that is not it. I disagree with him on everything but … he talks to Trump every day? That sounds cruel. I think the 8th Amendment to the Constitution should make that not happen.
  • Trump made me feel badly for Ted Cruz. At one point, Senator Lindsey Graham said Cruz could be murdered on the Senate floor without being convicted (by people in the Senate). That shows how unlikeable he is. When Trump went after his wife for her appearance and then said his dad was involved in the assassination of JFK, I was like, “Wow, that is just mean. Mean and crazy.”
  • Trump has made me miss George W. Bush. When “Dubya” was president, I thought we were scraping the bottom of the barrel but I was wrong. Dubya was not my first choice (or 500th choice) but we lived in a reality that involved facts and a common sense of things. He never said President Clinton wiretapped his offices or had his people defend his tweets by saying our microwave ovens can be used as spy devices. Dangit, I miss Dubya.

Trump is a narcissistic, sociopathic, thin skinned prick who thinks that he can mold reality to what he wants it to be. This is how he operated on reality TV and in Trump Tower where his word was it. That is not the way the rest of the world works.

Oh, Trump has also made me feel badly for his supporters, who voted for someone who will make their lives worse.

Is NBC trying to rid itself of Matt Lauer?

Matt Lauer was the most popular person on NBC for a time.  They recently signed a pretty matt-lauer-feels-that-nbc-set-him-up-for-failure(1)__oPtbig renewal contract but now their previously popular morning show, Today, has ratings that are in the toilet.  Many have attributed that to their horrifying treatment of Ann Curry, who was the best part of the show.  (Note: I stopped watching the show, which had been my favorite for years, when Lauer and Katie Couric hosted — is that the right word? — the Thanksgiving Day parade and it was the year the network chose to not report an accident at the parade, a float crashed into something and people were injured but they showed footage from the year before.  As a journalist, Lauer has been dead to me since.)

Well, many people who are upset about Curry’s departure, blame Lauer.  They say the two did not get along. Lauer has refuted this and others have said he tried to slow or prevent the train wreck that was that.

So, why do people say NBC is trying to get a divorce from Lauer?  Well, there’s that recent interview with Jerry Sandusky that was another train wreck.  Apparently, Lauer opposed doing it but went along to be a “team player” and thinks his producers set him up.  Read that here.  And there are reports that NBC has been seeking out new talent such as Anderson Cooper, who confirmed this but told NBC he wasn’t interested.  Good for you Anderson, good for you.   (Unrelated tidbit:  I once showed my mom a photo of Cooper when he was a small child from his book and her response was “I remember taking that photo, that’s you in Golden Gate Park.”  No, mom, it’s Anderson Cooper, her “Are you sure?”  Yeah, mom, pretty sure he used photos of himself in his autobiography.)  Media experts — such as the ones on yesterday’s Reliable Sources (best Sunday show), said while it is common for networks to talk to different talent, the situation at NBC is more serious.

Boo fucking hoo.  Personally, as much as I hate the Today show and love Willie Geist — it breaks my heart that he hosts the last hour of that show and is less present on the most awesome show on TV, Morning Joe, which needs to start paying me for the number of people who now watch it but…

Rather than look to other networks for talent, look to the people you have already.  Geist would make an awesome host of any show and brings more talent than you currently feature but you are the people who forced Curry out and think Jay Leno is funny (I know his ratings are high and when my artists went on his show they sold more than when they went on David Letterman‘s show but I am a die hard Letterman fan and will be one until I die and am just annoyed by the way they treated Conan O’Brien – go team Coco!).

Bottom line advice to NBC:  Promote Willie Geist and try not be douchie for 15 minutes.  See how that works for you, you already know the opposite is a recipe for distaster.

More things that make me want to whip out a can of pepper spray.

Just when I thought I could not be any more of a grammar freak, I found I have a new pet peeve.

As if I didn’t already have enough. (Seriously, I am more of a collection of pet peeves and idiosyncrasies than a fully formed person.)

Now, it seems that my hatred for inappropriate apostrophe usage is being challenged for my personal biggest peeve by upstart hatred for random capitalization.  Do people just not understand the difference between a capital and lowercase letters?  I can forgive a child but when I see veteran newspeople doing this (a local NBC reporter had a handmade sign at Dupont Circle that had all sorts of randomness) makes me CRAZY.  And if you know me, you know the LAST thing I need in my life is that.  Yes, I can do crazy all on my own.

Anyone here have any new or really interesting pet peeves?