Things I suck at …

[corner-ad id=1]I have been thinking all day about the things that I am terrible at doing.  Clearly, number one on that list has to be keeping this page current.  Seriously, you’d think I never did public relations or anything.  Sheesh!

But as I get older, I find I am getting bad at a lot of simple things, like putting my clothes on.  I have left the house at least twice this month with my shirt on inside out.  Really.  That must look really professional.  And that’s not the only task I mastered at four or so only to lose later in life.  Do I know the difference between left at right?  I do.  Do I get this correct?  If you’re talking about the political left and right, sure, I am all over it.  If you mean the directional left and right, I have no idea.  It comes in really handy when I give directions and get them wrong.

What day of the week is it?  Don’t ask me, I never know.  Oh, and I also sometimes will think it is two different days of the week at the same time.  Yes, you read that right, at the same time.  For instance, I will operate like it is a Tuesday for the purposes of meetings, calls and appointments but for social things will think it’s Thursday.  It makes so sense.  I think it may be the same brain function that allows me to be scared of Mormons while loving Steve Young.

And one thing that I am super bad at is knowing how much time has elapsed between now and when something happened.  Was it five minutes ago or did it happen when I was four?  Who can tell!?!?  I know it happened, isn’t that enough?

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