Do you listen to your doctors?

Does Anyone Ever Listen?

Does Anyone Ever Listen? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a problem with authority figures in general and that ends up applying to the medical professionals I see.  Now, when I was considering going into medicine, I found two schools of thought — paternal and fraternal.  The former kind of physician expects patients to just follow advice without asking any questions.  The latter seeks to work with patients to determine the best course of  action for them.  I do not respond well to the former and only deal moderately well, on a good day, with the latter.

That got me thinking, I cannot be the only person who gets prickly when people expect me to do things that don’t make sense to me.   And no, I know I didn’t go to medical school but I am not an idiot.  If you cannot take the time to explain to me why I need to do something, well, I won’t feel the need to do it.

How about you?