Cat update

squirrel is homeWell, I should have written this sooner but if you follow me on Facebook, you know that Squirrel came home not too long ago.  She was skinny and scared but otherwise ok.  The woman who was caring for her (and lost her) woke up after a nap to find my cat snuggling her and thought, “This cat is way more affectionate than my cats!”  That’s my little Squirrel.  The picture on the right was taken right after we got home.

The bad news is that Hobbes remains MIA.  Still check the shelters and websites and the neighbors know to look for an orange tabby.  My only real hope is that he will do what Squirrel did, get cold asquirrel in the yardnd come back.  He was much fatter than she is and a better hunter so maybe it’s just taking him longer to get to the point where he has to come back.  I am not totally delusional so I get that is a long shot but so was getting Squirrel back so there you have it.

The photo on the left is Squirrel in the back yard.  She is still a little scared and a little skinny but getting back to normal.

And we both ask that you check out the Random Journal.  Seriously.


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