The upside of Perry’s incredibly hateful (and stupid) ad

If you have been following the presidential campaign in the US, and it is nearly impossible to avoid it, you know about Governor Rick Perry’s incredibly insensitive, hate filled and stupid ad in which he laments living in a country that gives gay people rights but won’t allow kids to celebrate Christmas.  I find his beliefs that his religion can be justification for such bigotry. (Tomorrow, I plan to publish a post on the ‘war on Christmas)’.

It is disturbing that Perry thinks the best way to increase his chances is by pandering to the perception that all Republicans — especially the social conservatives in Iowa, where same sex marriage is legal, are homophobic.  Can you a candidate putting out an ad in 2011 that said, “I am not embarrassed to be a Christian but am appalled that we allow women to vote and drive but don’t allow our children to pray or celebrate Christmas.” ???  No?  I didn’t think so.  And I don’t think the two topics have anything to do with each other.

But that brings out the good part of the response to the vile ad.  It received at least ten (maybe more since then) more “dislikes” than “likes.”  Republicans are not inherently homophobic.  If you look at polls on the subject of marriage equality, more Americans support it than oppose it — and if you really think it will not be legal in all 50 states within my lifetime, you are, well I wonder what color the sky in in your world.  In mine, it’s usually blue.  Younger people are far more comfortable with the idea than older people but that may be changing, too.  Even his pollster said the ad was stupid.

That pollster was outed by GOProud, a gay Republican organization.  Their comments on that and this are worth reading.  You can get them here.  I think the people who orchestrate these hateful campaign strategies hurt everyone, and when they are so hypocritical about their actions vs. their personal lives, well that is just strange to me.

We have a lot of serious issues that we need to deal with today.  We need to stop worrying about birth certificates or busying ourselves trying to limit our freedoms.  I look forward to the day when we no longer use these tactics and talk about real solutions for the country.  I am confident I will live to see that day.

3 thoughts on “The upside of Perry’s incredibly hateful (and stupid) ad

  1. Joe Geni says:

    Joe Geni from Don’t Worry About The Government here. Good post, and I agree that most of America will allow gay marriage in the coming years, but I doubt we’ll see it legal in all 50 states in our lifetimes. It would be difficult to manage a constitutional amendment, and let’s not forget Mississippi didn’t ratify the 13th amendment until 1995. Change comes quicker to some places than others.

  2. James says:

    Perry was just following what the political consultants told him to do. Even if he doesn’t believe it himself. These stunts are just that, and predictable. If lost kittens were a conservative issue, he’d make a campaign ad about that. Perry is finished.

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