Really?  Yes, really.

This has become my favorite word.  I think I must say ‘Really???’ about a hundred times a day.

  • Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says his opponents use ‘Hitler tactics.’  Really? Mr. Abmadinejad, one of the world’s most famous and infamous Holocaust deniers, has accused his political rivals of behaving like Adolph Hitler when they insulted him:  It is illegal to insult  the president in Iran.  He furthermore threatened to put them in jail for saying that he had lied about the economy.  And they’re acting like Hitler?  So the man who thinks Hitler really didn’t do anything all that bad is threatening to throw people who disagree with him in jail.  Really?  Yes, really.
  • The GOP ‘disses’ Sarah Palin. Palin disses David Letterman.  The press wonders what this means for the Party.  Really? Sarah Palin was invited to speak a fundraiser in DC but the offer was rescinded when she didn’t give a firm answer and Newt Gingrich stepped in.  Her response seems to have been to call David Letterman ‘pathetic’ and the media ‘buffoons.’  Before jumping on Palin, it should be noted that the press really hyped the infighting and given the current position of the GOP in America, this is what makes them think it is in disarray?  And Mrs. Palin, this is the battle you want to have?  With Letterman?  Really?  Yes, really.
  • Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA) thinks President Obama’s ‘paygo’ idea is hypocritical.  Really? Eric Cantor sure is living up to his new nickname, ‘Dr. No.’  He has opposed pretty much everything President Obama does or says.  First he accused the president of being a hypocrite when he asked Congress to make the ‘PayGo” (any spending needs to be paid for) rule law – mostly because of the new spending.  Apparently, he was absent during his first eight years in office when the Dubya admin spent like drunken sailors and ran up our deficit and debt.  Of course, it didn’t look as bad then because the costs for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars were included in the budget (nice accounting trick there).  Then he said “the stimulus package is not a success story, people are still suffering.”  Note to Rep. Cantor – the bill passed about six months ago, it took us longer than that to get into this mess, it will take longer to get out. So, the Minority Whip both thinks it is ok when his party spends money on unnecessary wars (Iraq) and tax breaks for the uber-wealthy but cannot stand to see it spent on Americans and wants policy changes he doesn’t like to work immediately. Really?  Yes, really.
  • When all else fails, we know Joe will find a way to remind us all what a (insert your favorite expletive that means jerk here) he is.  Really? Senators Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) have said they plan to do everything in their power to block CIA photos of ‘enhanced interrogation’ from being released.  By anything, they mean stop the Senate from getting any work done until their amendment is added to a bill that would fund our troops.  Hey, it’s not like the Senate has work to do, right? They only have to hold hearings on a Supreme Court nominee, work on overhauling health care, fix the economy, deal with escalating violence in Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iraq, prevent a pandemic, keep an eye on North Korea….  And did I mention the first bill they want to filibuster is for funds for our troops?  Really?  Yes, really.

As a final note on torture, mom you might not want to read this, this quote seemed really appropriate for the torture debate: “If you beat this motherfucker long enough, he will tell you he started the fuckin’ Chicago fire but that won’t make it true.”  ‘Nice’ Eddie – Reservoir Dogs. Exactly, thanks Eddie for making my point so eloquently.

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