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I am going to start taking some of my more personal posts over to Medium. Wil Wheaton inspired me to do that. I just read this piece. He talks about his childhood and some of the gaslighting he was subjected to. When I read this, I thought Wow! I can totally relate to that.

So, I am going to put some new stuff up today and tomorrow. I may even post images of my two pussycats.

But, I have some news for this place. I have A LOT of comedy coming up. If you want to see me, you can check out the calendar but here are some of the places I will be:

  • October 17, 8:00 PM: Contest at Paradise Studios. 20 Broadway, Massapeaqua
  • October 20, 8:00 PM: Broadway Comedy Club, 318 W. 53rd, NYC
  • October 22, 8:00 PM: Suffolk’s Best Comic FINALS, Clyde’s (was Barton’s Place), 25A Mt. Sinai
  • November 6, 8:00 PM: St. Marks Comedy Club, 12 St. Marks Place, NYC
  • November 13, 8:00 PM: Governor’s ‘Lil Room, 90 Division Ave, Levittown

I am pretty sure I will have more to add soon. Please let me know if you have any questions.

All the cool pussycats are doing it…

New social media! There may even be a video (or more) of adorable pussycats!

I am on TikTok now!

I am also adding videos to my YouTube channel. Have you subscribed yet? Please do!

Non-pussycat news to share

Ok, I have to admit that I have recently allowed myself to be pulled into a black hole on Twitter. I wrote about this. It started when someone I know told me their parents were not vaccinated but would use #ivermectin if they got Covid. Not knowing anything about it, I was all, “Ok.”

The next day, I heard it mentioned on TV and asked, “Is ivermectin the drug you were talking about?” It was and I still didn’t have an opinion but they sent me a link to a Joe Rogan podcast and I thought, Right, I am going to take medical advice from the guy who makes people eat sheep uteruses. Not gonna happen.

The narrative this person pushes is that ivermectin is safe (it is) and effective at treating Covid (it isn’t). The reason the FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO aren’t on board is that big pharma can’t make money off of it and are pressuring those organizations to suppress anything that counters their current stance. While I think there needs to be more transparency — especially at the FDA as they regulate pharma and receive at least 45% of their funding from the industry — in all of these organizations and I also think big pharma is evil — I don’t know if that means they are suppressing data that a cheap drug can be used here. Moreover, I know some doctors are raking in the $$$ by charging patients for consultations for the drug and not billing insurance.

Pussycats don’t tweet about ivermectin

So, I have been critical on Twitter. I have also seen a lot of misinformation. Because I need to get this out of my system before I puke, this is what I have seen and what my responses are:

  1. The Indian province of Uttar Pradesh has eradicated Covid with ivermectin. No. Just NO. If this was true, the Indian government would not have removed it fron their Covid protocol.
  2. Hundreds of members of Congress and theis staff and families have taken ivermectin. (This also has been reported as all of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House.) This was something Dr. Pierre Kory wrote about but he cited no sources. Given how rabid the GOP is, I can assure you, if they took this, they would be shouting it from the rooftops. President Biden has received all three vaccine shots on camera. None of the people I know in government have taken ivermectin.
  3. InfoWars, Breitbart, Project Veritas, and Judicial Watch are credible news sources. NO THEY ARE NOT!!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. I have worked for organizations targeted by Breitbart/Project Veritas. InfoWars founder just lost a suit from the parents of the Sandy Hook victime. Alex Jones had been waging a campaign that the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut was a “false flag” and he has been harassing them for years. Is this the person you want to trust for health information (I know Joe Rogan likes him but Rogan told the BBC, “”I’m not a doctor. I’m not a respected source of information, even for me.”). When Andrew Breitbart started his website, he wanted it to be a “Huffington Post for the right.” Now, I see a lot of pro-ivermectin peeps complain about propaganda and them spew their own. Why is right-wing propaganda trustworthy when what you think is official propaganda?
  4. #FollowTheMoney. The people who think this is a wonder drug often use this hashtag. See, big pharma won’t make money from ivermectin but they rake it in from vaccines! #followthemoney. I wish they would #followthemoney. Then they might see how doctors, in the U.S. anyway are making a small fortune off this medication.
  5. This video is from a protest in France against vaccine mandates. I saw a tweet about a video that was supposed to be from October 2021 but was really from 2018. I have no doubt that the French would be willing to protest mandates, they protest just about anything. You can see my response here. What I don’t get is these complain about misinformation from people who don’t trust ivermectin for covid but then post their own. How does this made them MORE credible?
  6. Regulatory agencies like the FDA and the CDC are funded by big pharma and are biased as a result. First, the CDC is “NOT a regulatory agency.” The lion’s share of its funding from the federal government and the gifts they receive are pubished. This is the report from 2020. It is true that the FDA gets too much funding from outside sources but there is a difference between corralation and causation. This is one area where the #IVMworks peeps have a point but it isn’t as simple as they like to think.

This pussycat won’t take ivermectin but it isn’t all horse paste

One thing, I am guilty of this because I make jokes about it in my act, that people who are skeptical of the antiparasitic medication get wrong is that it is NOT only for animals. In 2015, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was split. One half went to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Omura “for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites.” This was for their formulation of ivermectin for humans. It is TRUE that this is a safe medication that has been used to treat millions (if not billions) of people worldwide. I have never said it isn’t safe, I am not convinced it works against covid.

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