NO Business With Genocide

I started in February 2021. These are the numbers for the NBWG email list.

No Business With Genocide (NBWG) is a coalition-led campaign to end genocide worldwide. It is built around the simple idea that corporations should refrain or withdraw from doing business with regimes that engage in genocide and/or crimes against humanity. NBWG puts pressure on corporations in key sectors – principally oil, gas, timber, mining, and banking – to stop supporting regimes complicit in genocide and crimes against humanity.

Central to the campaign is the adoption of NBWG resolutions and laws by universities, religious denominations, and local and state governments.  For instance, a city would place restrictions on buying goods or services from corporations that do business with governments engaged in genocide. In this way, citizens can ensure that their city taxes don’t support genocidal governments.

Working with partners, we made progress in 2022 to end genocide:

  • We are building a worldwide network of people fighting genocide. Our email list has grown massively to more than 640,000 people worldwide.
  • We work to raise awareness of genocide. We are actively working with state legislatures and city councils to pass new anti-genocide resolutions and laws. Last year, Gainesville, Florida passed such a resolution and we expect to have similar resolutions in Michigan, Maryland, and New York.
  • We work to restore democracy in Myanmar. Our supporters have signed almost 1.7 million petitions and written 9,163 letters to Congress. As a result, the Burma Act became law in late December.
  • We push for the passage of legislation to help the Uyghur. Our supporters wrote more than 10,642 letters to Congress supporting the Uyghur Human Rights Protection Act. They have also signed 7874 petitions for the cause.
  • We fight for Paul Rusesabagina (played by Don Cheadle in Hotel Rwanda) to be released from prison. The State Department has deemed his detention unlawful. Our supporters have sent in 19,668 petitions and written 5,140 letters to Congress.
  • We help our supporters put their direct consumer, shareholder, and social media pressure on companies. With our social media actions and petitions, you have raised your voice demanding that Zara, Urban Outfitters, and Anta end their use of Uyghur forced labor.
  • We help them make their voices heard. We’ve helped organize dozens of meetings in person and on Zoom with your Members of Congress and their staff.

Genocide prevention has been one of my passions for about 20 years.