My problem with Joe Lieberman

I worked on the Gore-Lieberman campaign and during that I worked hard to make Mr. Lieberman VP. To say I felt betrayed by his a, vigorous campaigning for McCain and b, his vigorous campaigning for other GOP candidates, well it’s an understatement of crazy proportions. I feel totally betrayed and my normal response to betrayal is to be angry.

If he really believed McCain was the better choice – and it was that alone – I could move on but the things he said about Barack Obama, things like he would hurt Israel, was bad for America and he may have even questioned his patriotism showed the worst in American political campaigns. John McCain once said that he would not ‘take the low road to the highest job in the land.’ We all know he went back on that promise, and it hurt him. That Lieberman helped makes me even more mad.

Then let’s think for a minute about the committee he chairs. The chairmanship that was in the balance was of the Homeland Security Committee. One of the jobs of this committee is to oversee the Executive Branch. While Henry Waxman (D-CA) ran a similar committee on the House side he actually did things. He held hearings, he asked questions, he used his power to issue subpoenas. Lieberman did none of this. In fact, even if he had not been such turncoat he doesn’t deserve this post. Moreover, his criticism of President-elect Obama makes one wonder if he will use his post for political reasons. I am not alone here,

With Lieberman caucusing with the Dems, they have 58 votes. As wiser people than me have pointed out, filibusters don’t always break down along party lines. Coming from a very blue state he has to vote with the Democrats most of the time – as he has on everything except Iraq – and his recent actions will certainly make his reelection in 2012 harder. The problem is four years is a long time and Lieberman can do a world of damage in that time. I don’t trust him. Personally, I think they should have stripped him of his chairmanship and if decided to bolt – an act that would have guaranteed either a recall effort if that is possible or a serious primary or just plain defeat. My only comment to Lieberman should he do that would be: don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

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