Letter to the Gainesville Sun — August 27, 2014

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Economic impact

J.D. Henderson (letter, Aug. 23) wants his taxes cut and laments the money spent on social programs. What your reader fails to recognize is the impact those programs have on the economy.

Economists from Moody’s and Princeton found that for every dollar spent on these programs, more money is pumped into the economy. For instance, for $1 in unemployment insurance about $1.61 returns back and for those dreaded food stamps it’s $1.74. By contrast, each $1 in tax cuts returns a paltry 40 cents.

More money in the overall economy is a good thing and the best way to lead us to a point where we can lower those awful taxes that bring us things we all need, like the military, federal highways, safe food and water. You know, the luxuries in life.

Alyson Chadwick

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