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Why I Support Hillary Clinton

I am a Democrat, a liberal one at that. I am also a political and news junkie. While many people have fallen in love with Bernie Sanders this year, I was admiring him from when he was in the House. People will say socialism can never work here because of this reason or that. I don’t know enough about economics to know but people in Netherlands where they have one of the happiest populations on earth seem ok with it. Continue reading


How will you deal with Jon Stewart’s hiatus?

English: Jon Stewart at Barnes & Noble Union S...

English: Jon Stewart at Barnes & Noble Union Square for the launch of Earth (The Book), the 2010 book from the writers of The Daily Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Satire piece about liberals’ response to Jon Stewart’s decision to take time off from The Daily Show to direct a serious movie, Rosewater, about a journalist held captive in Iran.

I like this picture of Jon Stewart because he is wearing a Mets hat and I love those stupid Mets.