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We All Need a Distraction

This is the least intellectual thing you will read this week and I am sorry.  Personally, this has been an amazingly rough week for me.  But then we have the news.  Anthony Weiner.  Ariel Castro.  Beyonce’s new haircut!  It’s been chaos.  Chaos!  So I went back to where the internet made sense: cute videos of cats doin’ stuff.  And you need to watch this.  Really, you do.

Curry Carrot Soup

This is my favorite thing to cook.





Curry powder

Other veggies

(optional: sour cream, hot sauce)

If I am going all in, this is what I do…  I sauté some onions in olive oil.  I boil a bunch of carrots (and potatoes, zucchini, whatever similar veggies that appeal to me that day) with bullion until they are tender.  Then I add some of the onions (not all) and blend they are tender — basically a mush.  I put this back in a pot and add the rest of the onions, curry (to taste) and heat.  I serve with Morningstar Farms crumbles, sour cream and hot sauce.  My personal favorite is Pete’s but it works with any.

And now you have what I eat all the time.  PS.  I have lost more than 20 lbs by eating this a lot…  This can be vegan if you want that.  The Morningstar Farms stuff has gluten (I think it needs protein but tofu would also work).  Every Sunday I make a big batch and use it as a base for what I eat for lunch for the week.  I have to admit that I hate eating but this is the one recipe that I like.

Sometimes I do a trimmed down version where I just boil some carrots in soup and add the curry.